Technology today has become a necessary component of every business, however we find that a lot of the time, companies will compromise on technology to lower cost because the perceived value is minimal. This develops into an ad hoc compilation of hardware and software that isn’t managed and has not uniformity to how it all works. As your business grows, so do the technology needs and it is important to have a unified process around technology so it doesn’t become a roadblock in productivity for your business.

Webence helps companies understand the value of technology inside of their business and then builds solutions that help drive productivity across the company. Whether you are in need of basic software or have regular question about how things operate, we can help you build the infrastructure and process so that technology does not become a road block.

Another common mistake we see when working with businesses around technology, is the lack of maintenance. At the rate that technology is being produced, it is more important than ever to keep things up to date. The consequences for not maintaining your business technology can be catastrophic and take multiple large investments just to get you back on track.


Email isn't a one size fits all program for business. Build a email structure that scales with your business.

Cloud Collaboration

Create and collaborate with your teammates in real time without the need to creating 100 versions of every document.

Phone Service

It's time for your business to graduate from Google Voice. Build a phone system that scales with your business.

Business Applications

Understanding how your business is performing is the key to being able to optimize.

Custom Software

Don't you wish you had an app that could just do it for you. Sometime that app doesn't exists so it's time to build it.